What is click fraud?

Click Fraud is a fraudulent activity in the Internet world where an individual or a software program generates illegal clicks on online advertisements where advertisers pay for the clicks.

The entity that generates the fraud clicks takes the form of a legitimate user and the advertisers end up paying for clicks that actually happen with no intention or interest in their ads.

What it does to digital advertising industry?

Advertisers pay for the ad agencies or other third party ad vendors for each click on their ads.

Fraud clicks can cost thousands of money for advertisers at the end they only experience worthless ad campaigns.

Fraud Clicks leads:

  • Advertisers : Spend money for no worth because of fraud clicks
  • Publishers : Lose the trust of their advertisers
  • Ad Agencies: Unable to make their advertisers happy

Why should care click fraud detection and prevention?

Click Fraud Detection and Prevention are necessary because it directly affects your Return on Investment of your online advertisement campaign.

Fraud Clicks, in reality cant be eliminated altogether. But, with proper study and analysis and using well designed specialized software programs, you can track and control the invalid clicks.

Having a solution will give:

  • Keep track of your online ad campaigns : Monitor the valid and invalid clicks happening from time to time.
  • Check on Competitors : In more often cases, it is your competitors who take efforts on generating fraud clicks on your ads.
  • Prevent fraudulent clicks : Send a warning message and block them clicking further.

All in all its important for the digital advertising industry to fight against fraud clicks to run their business effectively.

What we can offer?

We realize the importance of Click Fraud Detection and Prevention of your online advertisement campaign and provide solutions for Advertisers, Publishers and Ad Agencies respectively.

We continuously study on click frauds and Advanced Click Fraud Solutions. Looks like something will work for you? Yes, we are here to talk mail us at info@antifraudclick.com.

Click fraud concern?

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